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Friday, September 30, 2011

Fast Day 226 September 30 2011 {Pumpkins at Rapture Time}

Pumpkins at Rapture Time

climbing through the fields,
climbing through the glean,
looking for a pumpkin
with a green handle
to get for Halloween…

In the viney web
of jack o’lantern raw,
I bent to pick a pumpkin
as the Rapture winnow
harvested us all…

heavenly that combine,
and the call divine,
to disk the earth infected:
to rotate all the crops
and pick us from the vine!

As I bent to gather
a pumpkin from its patch
the Rapture passed on by me,
it swung down low and straight
but did not stoop to snatch.

All this for jack o’lanterns,
all this for Halloween,
self-righteousness has fled the earth
and it is more peaceful now
than we have ever seen!


Based on Ruth's story of how the Rapture missed her while she was picking pumpkins.


Ruth said...

I love how my idea turned into a meditation on the self righteous state of the union, and you were "saved" from it! Indeed, heaven help us all. Excellent to picture the Rapture as a scythe.

Montag said...

Now that you mention it, it may be one of those intuitions that miss the point a bit.
Just as Harold Camping missed the target on his end of the world this year, so also might the Rapture be something a bit more grisly than people think: it will winnow us in tears... even the righteous.

Brr. I hope not.