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Monday, October 10, 2011

Fast Day 227 October 9 2011 {Detroit Buses We Can't See}

Detroit Buses We Can't See

Waiting for the morning bus
like yelling into an empty tin can

there is no food in there,
so it does no good to yell for it!

Cold and standing at the corner
of Woodward Ave. and Morning Blues,
waiting for the Detroit DOT
is a harsh charcoal reality.

We stand and wait like toy soldiers
a child forgot to put away…

or water bottles along the curb:
convex kaleidoscope decay!

There is a vacant lot nearby,
could we not roto-till the soil
and plant that fallow ground
and grow corn and okra while we wait?

The DPDub won’t interfere
and there’ll be no bus to, either!

But maybe the’re buses all along,
but only we can’t see them:

This gritty curb’s a cyclotron
that accelerates to light speed,
and our life is an experiment
for mankind’s betterment:

Neutrino buses of no mass,
like ghosts of physics in the night:

dancing on Woodward and John R,
tripping on Magic Street and MLK!

Can’t see those ghostly buses driving -
going through our bodies, going through
the Burger King, and it’s only by
hamburger scatter we know at all…

a diesel heart is beating blood
for casino arteries,

a diesel lung is breathing soot:
harsh ebony reality.


convex kaleidoscope =  the rounded bottles reflect light like a k-scope.

the're   =    "there are"  pronounced "there"

DPDub = DPW Department of Public Works, “Dub” is short for “Double U”

this needs a lot of work yet.

hamburger scatter - in particle physics, some elementary particles are only inferred by the "scatter" they cause on other particles.


Ruth said...

I was terribly upset when they cancelled the bus runs at night in Detroit. How are supposed to get to work? I like this idea of cleaning up a brownfield while you wait, and planting a garden. No bus to interfere, and you might as well pitch a tent.

Montag said...

And that is a whole lot of time to wait for that bus.

Only the bad news bus runs on time.