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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fast Day 224 September 17 2011 {When Noble Flowers in Autumn Fall}

 Rudbeckia Blooming

When Noble Flowers in Autumn Fall

Let Loosestrife and Feverscourge now run free!
brawling with the recluse Japonica;
a shouting viridescence of flowers!
a tumult of their voices giving scent!
Look at Rudbeck, standing tall and gallant,
bleeding red salvia from num’rous wounds
from bayonets of the stiletto thorns!
The amaranthine tints of  burning bush
and outrage of fiery Jerusalem,
illuminate the stricken petall’d blooms:
a marmalade of shadows cinnabar
and chutney of smoked mahagonnay!
periled by mutual competition,
they thrust themselves into the mordant fray
and bind their green stems with black bandanas,
to await mass grave prairie fires of spring!
Let our hearts be contagioned by their blaze,
and find a chivalry and purpose to amaze!


Feverscourge = I change "feverfew" which comes from "febrifuge" meaning to make fever run away to the above "feverscourge" which seems to be the same notion.
Japonica = Japanese Anemone
Rudbeck = rudbeckia, pictured above
burning bush and fiery jerusalem are plants of vibrant color in the autumn.


Ruth said...

Imaginative, effulgent, and spicily jeweled!

Montag said...

Why, thank you, Ruth. I just returned home from my parents - where there is no internet, the cellphones are picked up by the Canadian Rogers system... which immediately sends all phone messages to cold storage, and my mother has no long distance service!- and it was nice to see such a good comment.