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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fast Day 196: March 5 2011 {Woodcut}


People are yelling woodcut words,
gouged into beech blocks, the background
chiseled out and black, sticky ink
spread out over the block's surface:
and fourteen weighty stones are placed
to coerce the ink and paper;
the black and white of simple life,
with red ochrous ink for the blood
ever drying, ever needing
fresh supply from my madder veins!


Ruth said...

Keep writing in blood, Montag. Keep on, and just be sure the blood keeps flowing to your heart, with lots and lots of oxygen.

Montag said...

Timely advice. I am going to concentrate more on everyday life for a while.

Of course, even everyday things - such as harsh speech - will still come out as "woodcut words".
I love woodcuts. They are the pugilism of art... real, sometimes overly real, like bruises and black eyes.
Posters, woodcuts, things that yell out at us, saying "Look!"

Ruth said...

My uncle, the one with the printing press, used to make woodcuts -- birds especially. They have a lasting quality.