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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fast Day 198 March 18 2011 {Questions from a Kid in the ICU...}

 Questions From a Kid in the ICU on Valentine's Day

"Father, why did God give us eyes?"

strewn like a quilt across her bed
were crayon'd classmates' Valentines;
his arm asleep beneath her head,
while monitoring vital signs.
He said, "So we can color and can play!
Go to gramma's on Summer Lake,
where we can see the Milky Way!
And count candles on your birthday cake!

Even though we stay outside
and color books with paint carnations...
allergies and gramma's dogs..." he sighed,
her party dress like white impatiens.
Oedipus the same question asked,
dandled on Jocasta's knee;
young innocents put to the task
of dealing with eternity!

"Daddy, I don't know exactly why...
God gave us eyes so we can cry."

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