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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fast Day 144 March 4 2010 {Broken Leg Eco-Blues}

Broken Leg Eco-Blues

whither, now, the wind?
he got up and gone,
broken leg and all,
without a doctor's say so;
and no big nurse pushin'
no wheelchair to the do'...

don't drive drunk, wide sea!
yer gonna blow point-2!
give me them car keys
you're one mean drunk, Sargass'
sucking the last water
at the bottom of your glass!

why're you here, sweets, rain forest ?!
ain't nothin' I can do.
you and that man used to be 
lovers, but he did you wrong;
he can't cut with that sharp blade
and expect your reg'lar song.

old man river pulls on his pants,
and creeps silently before
the wide levee break of dawn,
checking to see his stash ;
still in the levi pocket
with plastic and with cash.


a week early again.

Sargass'  -   Sargasso sea

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