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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fast Day 142 February 18 2010 {Uncle Buck}

Uncle Buck

I used to have an Uncle Buck car, Mercury
Marquis, and it was rusted in all the right spots
and had more miles on it than from here to the Moon;
and Chanise's tires.

My life is the polish on a bowling alley -
the reverberating crack of ten pins falling,
reactive urethane bowling ball of silver -
mirror of Buck Russell.

I drove my Buck car young, I drove my Buck car old;
I drove it to my Schneebly days at School of Rock,
a very good year at the edge of seventeen...
long way to rock 'n' roll!

When Chronicles of Buck and Rock are written in
future time of non-comedic farce dystopic,
say I drove on Kobolowski's Firestones;
ganja studded tires!

I spoke the talk, and I walked the walk of Tone Loc's
Wild Thang into the oppressive halls of High School,
cornering the beast Principal Melanoma;
juvenile and cocky!


new Sapphics of 12-12-12-6  syllables ( I changed it! ) and sort of a haiku-disconnect or leap at the last line.
about some of my favorite things: Uncle Buck and School of Rock.
I used to use 11-11-11-5, but I like 12-12-12-6 better. Maybe I should interleave them.
I have no idea why some time in the past I decided that I liked a sapphic meter, other than it seems to be just about right for the modern age: more wordy than haiku, yet elegantly brief...being elegant and brief a trick which most of us have not learned.

dystopic - opposite of utopian, utopic.

studded tires - outlawed years ago...only outlaws have studded tires nowadays.

tires, mirror  -  always pronounced as 2-syllable words.

Tone Loc - a  musician and artist, notably of the song Funky Cold Medina and , of course, Wild Thang featured in Uncle Buck.

Chanise Kobolowski - Buck's girl Friday. Chanise owned a tire store.

Ned Schneebly - ........go watch the film

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