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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fast Day 127 November 7 2009 {Waiting On The Bed}

Waiting On The Bed

I wait for my brown-haired lover
like a ship of war resting at the quay,
lolling on  the flaccid waves;
arms behind head,
catching the breeze
within my hair.

She enters like the offshore wind;
cast off and let roam the trim white warship's sprit!
weigh the heavy double anchors!
head her to sea;
biting the bone
of the white waves.

Set sail upon the ocean wide,
seeking Circe's cave of intoxication!
Love's gasping halyards adorned with
naval emblems,
whole gale pennants,
hurricane flags!


offshore wind     blows from the land out to sea

sprit     the bowsprit, a small pole or spar crossing the fore sail diagonally from the mast to the upper aftermost corner, serving to extend the sail. In the picture above, you may see it extending out from the bow.

weigh...the..anchor     raise the anchor.

biting the bone of...waves     the white froth at the bow of a ship underway is often referred to as a "bone", as in the expression: "She (the vessel we are looking at) has a bone in her teeth", meaning the vessel is going fast and possibly in choppy water.

halyard     is the rope of the ship"s rigging upon which flags and pennats are hoisted. It is then the means of inter-ship communication via flag.

Circe     a lady Ulysses met on his travels.

It is a love poem, and - to my mind - is pretty explicit, so I beg pardon from anyone offended.


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Montag said...

Thank you.
I am glad I stuck to it. One of these days, we may even have peace.

Montag said... know, I don't think we've ever really had a topic here; just peace and not eating.