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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fast Day 126 Octrober 31 2009 {Barn Raising}

Barn Raising

The Mandevilla vines do cost
a lot at Bordine's Nursery store;
wait a bit, just bide;
until the month of June
inventories are cleared out,
and you may pick it up for a song!

We took it to the barn-raising
planting it along a trellis,
where it will grow in time
to come, and shade provide
and sweetly cense the winds that
pounce the script of poems unfinished.

Newlyweds' life!, not burdened in debt;
we raise it today, and will it present
a gift to them both
and then to ourselves:
for the orchards of their lives will be
fruit of our determined husbandry!


pounce      a material for drying the ink on written documents back in the old days.

cense         to spread incense.

A view of life as simple and free; instead of debt and mortgages, the community invests time, material, and labor in the lives of the young, knowing that their futures will be the payback with interest.
The view seems totally mythological to us, but recall that we are a generation degraded from a golden age.

pix: lower: house:  Cindy Seigle


Ruth said...

That photo is gorgeous.

It's nice how you used the vines as a symbol of life at the new barn, new marriage, new life.

The best way to show the next generation how to pay as we go is to do it.

Ruth said...

BTW, I heard last night that K-Mart is advertising layaway for Christmas. I don't know if they ever stopped offering it, but how interesting!

Montag said...

I think some stores brought it back last year, 2008, after the financial catastrophe.

Very soon I shall be picking up chips of soap, and putting them into a mesh bag, which we then shall use to wash with...until every bit of soap is used.
That's what we did when I was young.
The throw-away society did just that: threw it all away.

No use crying over spilled milk. Look to the future, check your buttons, and let's go face it!

Ruth said...


Montag said...

Je suis d'accorde.