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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fast Day 86 January 23 2009 {Voyage to the Islands of Cake}

Voyage to the Islands of Cake

Macedoine and Madeleine
cakes with fruits and jelly
like a tower in Dubay
filled with creamy meringuay
or a singapore delight
of tipsy cake and chocolate cream.
two cupfuls of sugar,
one of milk and one of butter
and four cups flour...
cinnamon and clove and
strange spices from the east,
brought by clipper ships
by trade winds blown;
a fist of currants,
a pound of citron
an dram of vanilla extract
from the bean growing
on the eastern side of
Boulanji east of Bali,
harvested by girls not quite of age...
blanc mange a la vanille
et bougainville
la reine charlotte et
le roi georges
l'arc, bonnet, et l'oiseau
sous les marquises de mendoze:
la terre de feu,
divisee en plusieurs isles
par differens canaux,
et une parallelisme hideux
des deux cotes et climats.

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