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Friday, January 16, 2009

Fast Day 85 January 16 2009 (Detroit, Michigan In Winter}


Th'Encyclopedia of Wine and Spirits
leaps easily to hand, in as much as
I did seek the Oxford English Dic-
tionary, it will do for now.
A nonce desire, hardly formed, has
come into my head, and I withdraw
from you a while and put my
tranquil mind to bed.
Farewell, the undisturbed sleep
from whose duvet no one returns!
Havoc is cried once too much
and it is my job to obey
and clean up after hounds.

I went to the Panera coffee shop
with Tiresias and Cassandra;
he bought a USA Today, mumbling about
what's new, so I gave him a funny look.
Like he should know what's new.
He was munching a biscotti
and I wondered if biscotti was
singular or plural, and Cassie
read my mind and slapped me
saying stop it! stop thinking of her
naked as her birthday, so I laughed.

It snowed.
It always snows.
We long for the sun and heat of the plains of Troy,
beneath the towering walls of Ilium
beneath the boardwalk called broad
where we looked up a thousand slips!
Drunk as a bagel, following seas and
deserts laid out like scripts written
by genius writers of the day:
This is no country for old men;
The young scarce catch their breath
and frozen gasps of unbelief
bedeck once festive malls
like spears and arrows of outrageous holly.


Ruth said...

What an interesting concept you have here. I just saw an email about fasting this Sunday for the folks in Southern Africa who are standing up to Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Bless you for this. And you're right, we're all crazy for what we have let happen.

Actually my head is spinning.

Ruth said...

Ok, I'm putting you on my sidebar. If you want me to take you off, tell me by leaving me a comment at synchronizing.

Montag said...

Hey. how did you get in without me noticing you?

Well, you are as welcome as the flowers in May, the first robin of Spring, and the warm sun of April.