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Friday, January 9, 2009

Fast Day 84: January 9 2009 {Sunset Boulevard}

Sunset Boulevard

They're screening Sunset Boulevard again.
The faintest smile passes between the two,
a glimpse of catastrophic languor;
Bill Holden floating fully clothed, I the
director's eye beneath the algae covered pool;
and flipping channels back and forth is too
bizarre for words like Kato, pool boy,
and O.J. comes like a Chevy Volt
right at us as we drive to the restaurant
and salute the maitre d'
and eat our appetizers and pick our Caesar salads...
Strike the entrees. Send home the crew.
The food will sing and dance...No More!
The salad broods within its dressing room
like food noir, like mystery, spare and dark;
it cuts right to the bone. Mystery of lettuce,
and the Enigma of the Salad!
Go home and look at the magazine memorials
where Food was Busby Berkley,
dancing, driving up the spiral,
tapping on the top hat,
snapping to the cane.
They're screening Sunset Boulevard again
and our close-up is at hand!


Detroit will have its revival.... in the meantime, there are various small "renaissances" which remind me of Gloria Swanson's "comeback" in Sunset Boulevard.


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