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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fast Day 48 May 3,2008 {To My Canine Friends}

To My Canine Friends

A brooding of Hamlets, walking forlornly
about the green spaces and the parks,
walking dogs and standing patient
with scoops and plastic gloves
and keeping time.

dogs with magic medicinal names,
Zoloft of the fierce bark
and Cymbalta of the spirits;
major forces in the canine
cabinet of fame!

King Charles Agadore Spartacus
bears a heavy burden
as he plays about the park
and lifts the burden of pain
from my suffering heart.

All the sweet Hamlets walk in silence
walking the sweeter dogs;
frisky playful metaphors
of innocence of yesteryear;
a glad bag at the ready!

we call the people walking the dogs "Hamlets" for the reason that my dogs are name Zoloft and Cymbalta, mood medicines. there is no other reason.
I thought that if we had a group of people that had named their dogs after various medicinals and we all showed up in the same park, we would constitute a "brooding" of Hamlets.

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