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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fast Day 47 April 26, 2008 {I am very thankful}

I am very thankful
for self improvement CDs
and one silken line of interest...
written by
Bochenski, Modenov, Einstein and Bose;
dimensions folded
like soda straws-
unfold, unfold!

I am most beholden
to Cable artificial
for their straight and easy path...
spoken by
Streicher, Goebbells, van Leuven and Bork;
blood and water
mixed together-
retro, retro!

I am post incarcerate
of philosophy mundane
and easily deconstructed
to a foam
of muscle, tendons, intestines and skin;
fascist heart
and phalange mind
erupt, erupt!

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