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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fast Day 45 April 11, 2008 {Old Man And Zodiac Good Time}

Old Man And Zodiac Good Time

Say, you be goin' somewhere, honey?
Why you drivin' that old car?
And why are we here in the desert
in the city of sun?
It's very hot here, honey, y muy secco
I hope the rains come soon!

Say, come here an' have a margarita!
Drink a little pulque!
Honey says she does not drink a drop
and pedal to the metal!
She leaves and I fall: from molten city
and a new dream agave.

But Honey is a Bear; I know her well.
She will not assimilate.
Nor live with me by the salty sea
in the limits of trekking feet.
She visits from her celestial house,
and goes before the dawn!

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