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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fast Day 49 May 10, 2008 {Sibylline Mothers' Day 2008}

The Delphic Sibyl by Michelangelo

Mothers' Day 2008

A wary eye, a link between
the Rembrandt past and now;
sunlit day to th'uncertain dark
mirror of misty future;
prophesy the sibylls.

the eye blinks and she moves
from manticore to mother,
and crosses the wide stars' gulf
on galactic stepping stones
spilling ink upon her books
to save her lovely kids.

Kids of solo Artem
or Apollo's children;
a disturbance in the force,
a magnetic variation,
compass heart bears true
ensuring love's direction.

A glass bridge between
heaven and the earth;
mother daughter link
of gold enwraps our lives
in gilded boxes chocolate
and mystery cream cores.


1) again, here we use manticore as an amalgam of mantis + kore, meaning a young prophetess.
2) the action is: some force threatens the children of the sibyll, and she speeds from light years away across the galaxies to save them. This is the mother's love - the gamma burst of affection and nurture.

1 comment:

Lynn said...

Hi Paul. Hope Mother's Day was great. Did you go with the Cinco de Mayo theme? Got a call from the "Light of My Life" and a gift. I liked your latest poem. Are you familiar with the poem, "The Lake Isle of Innisfree", by William Butler Yeats? It is a favorite of mine and speaks of inner peace. More to come.