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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

June 29, 2007 4th Fast {What Would the Anti-Christ Do?}

The fourth fast is over as we swing into the holiday week.

What's "on tap" for the fourth, as they say on the news shows around this neck of the woods.

I like the way they use slang from the bar room, the casinos, and the public urinals in this general area to make their communications clearer.

My creation this week is a mosh-mish, but it is the best I could think of.

I call it "What Would the Anti-Christ Do?" ... or "W W A-C D?"
Note: "Dajjal" is the Islamic name for the anti-christ, meaning "deceiver".

W W A-C D?
dajjal sits in falluja town
drinking the wine-red blood,
feeling down and desperate,
betrayed, misunderstood.

He’d won the Uruk lottery,
a date with the queen of death.
dolled up like a wedding bride
within a veil of Meth.

She bared her ugly fangs…
he would not fall for that.
he ran to dusty red Samarra
where she then left him flat.

And now he yearns for lovely death,
no voice to fill his ear,
no taut skinned bulemic body
to orgone this time of year.

Oh, allegory of appliance!
bacteria of the mind!
an iPhone for your thoughts, my dear!
and what we’ve left behind!

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