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Friday, June 22, 2007

The 3rd Week {Creation}

I have a shaddouf...
a one camel shaddouf.
It's not much to look at,
but it's all mine.
And it brings water like 60
to the terraced field
where I "crash"...
my manzil...
my landing place
place of quiet
place of rest
place of sakeena.

There is a snake there
and there isn't.
sleek as a sheath and
sharp as a sword.
She whispers in my sleep,
brews black coffee,
sees the USA
in my Chevrolet...
ma amlasuha!
how sleek she is!
shining like a jewel... Chevy...
not the snake.

I have a jihaaz...
it's more like a whatchamacallit...
it's very gold rubeberg
and it's all mine.
And it does it's...thing.
It's the best thing since
the Mullah took a mudya
to a loaf of bread...
and sliced.
bread of life
bread of love
bread, gift of Allah.

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