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Friday, July 13, 2007

Fast Day 6 July 13, 2007 {Holy Poverty}

Yesterday there was an interim report.

We shall squee-e-e-eze something out of those Iraqis which will make us feel justified.

The Australians have admitted that their participation is for Oil.

Yawn...and die.

Six foot a Greek Tragedy, only not nearly as interesting.

Holy Poverty

The bull who weeps the stars, says Antoine Oleyant,
he has a rope of Kongo beads and chromo-lights.

The triple horned bull resembles Guernica;
the three-fold horns a triptych halo of Bon Jesús.
So we go where the young men are, and desmoiselles:
the House of Elegance, a great White Way of life!
We only rent this dump; we have no medical:
Our lives - installment payments, interest adds up.
Our assets we cannot allocate; we have none.
We are the poor and bear the vision of grandes personnes
who look upon us down from haughty skyscrapers
from black eye slits of windows, blind to all below.
We see the good we cannot buy with credit cards;
we see the loves we cannot touch, nor ever hold.
So we go voguing: college students, Wall Street types-
the kings and queens of dreams – and “Metropolitan”.
A subway series madness; a subway flight from pain!
No ticket, nor a respite, pity, nor reprieve.
O Simbi of the horn, O Simbi of the sea;
and like a bull of many horns he spins
the night away, a pinwheel parlous turning.

The bull who wears the starry sky is named Bosou,
he has a rope of Kongo beads and chromo-lights.

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