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Monday, May 27, 2013

Fast Day 312 May 25 2013 {Memorial Day 2013}

Black-eyed Susans or Rudbeckia

Memorial Days 2013

Let me lay beneath a tree in May,
and read a book of knowledge-charms,
runes of an age when arms
entwined in love and did not slay.

Let me sleep within an alchemy,
and dream a dream of harmless days
and nights of love amaze,
far from a violent blasphemy.

Alembic days and nights' crucible,
mixed together and enswirled,
earth of the common world:
flee the mundane irreducible!

Wild flowers prodigality!
Mr. Rudbeck’s asters!
Black-eyed Susans in the pastures
with tiger originality!


I put this up, then I reworked it, making the second and third lines rhyme, because I had already done so in the first stanza, although I was not aware of it.

This marks 6 years, and I am glad I stuck with it. There have been some fine phrases as well as some ghastly, plodding bleats.

tiger  =   with tints of orange 


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