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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fast Day 311 May 18 2013___ It's Sunday!

 Billy Sunday

It's Sunday !

socks out the door and down the steps !
limestone metalled steps -
yah its Sunday !
Sunday best and go to meeting
day of rest and and Sabbath
restaurant eats and
going golfing
old-timey days of anti-macassars !
Sunday puritan
leather on my foot and out the door
you kin buy some booze
on Sunday
at the mega mall
where everyone works on Sunday...

Brick-makers, brass-founders, blacksmiths, and basket-makers,
brick and stone-masons, boiler-makers, butchers, and book-binders,
bakers, brewers, box and icechest-makers,
they don’t work,
but ya kin buy booze on Sunday....
earth attraction from the magnetism
of my front door… and socks
salt iron fish coal and lumber
used to be my trade
but we rest on Sunday
and tetotall temperance
socks out the door
after a shower and shave
its no-shop sunday !


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