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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fast Day 307 April 20 2013: Deaf Street

Deaf Street

On the sidewalk,
in the sun,
I am Spontaneous Jack
stepping lively,
never looking:
breaking his Mother’s back!

Nah, I don’t hear;
I don’t get
what the heck that means to me!
I step lively,
I don’t look back:
blood flows like antimony.

I do not vogue
as I look down
from the top of starry sky;
I got cat's eye,
I got chromo:
there are no more reason why.

Fate and Evening...
run the same,
mem'ries of the Middle East;
the bomb, the blast
are Eliot's poem:
slouching like that shaggy beast;


Eliot's  = pronounce "Eliot" in 2 syllables, such as "Elyot".


Humayun Ahmed said...

Wonderful poem!
Thank you for sharing.

Montag said...

Thanks, Humayun.... or Jihaaz, which in my Arabic slang was a machine-like device.

Be wary of downloading from old Ahmed.