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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fast Day 305 April 6 2013 The Coming of the Spring

The Coming of the Spring

things of trifling,
trivial fluff,
may grow to sturdy stuff!
wintery branches,
fagin hands,
twisted all,
do cry out loud alarums
and make cowards of us all !

a swarm of bees
upon the wing:
Queen Anne and escort king!
spring’s pepp’ry pollens
shout ! coxcomb
and male energy...
stirs the honey and the wax
of the queens’ virginity!


In an old fashioned mood.

"shout ! coxcomb"    -  I wanted an exclamation point, but did not wish to place it after "energy" in the next line, because I wanted "energy" to link up most closely with "stirs"... so I put the " ! " after the "shout" and another at the end as is customary.

Sorry about being late. I was incommunicado and on the road or at me Mum's

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