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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fast Day 299 February 24 2013 Death and Sequester

Death and Sequester

Into this world we are born,
not of blood
nor the will of the flesh
from the peace and quiet torn

Is Satan bruised under feet?
no more life,
nor of the love which nurtures,
but keen pain of this quick retreat

we count them happy which endure;
now alone,
we count our ills and meds;
O, blessed are the poor!

warmed by fire of dog star:
we lucky ones
corrected by the Lord
whose bailiwick our world bell jar.

money! power! jump!... ricochet:
the living
envy those who stop to smell
the funeral bouquet.

This was not the world for me;
the ash heaps
at the corners of the globe:
delusions of paternity!


late with this, as I was at my mother's.
I used to say "my parent's".
I am unhappy with just about everything under the sun.

ricochet   -   refers to the infinity of guns and weaponry
ash heaps  -   The Great Gatsby
bell jar   -    refers to Plath;  now we think of the world as a computer simulation or living in the Matrix; sometimes people used to think of the world as a simulacrum within a bell jar of a god who did not care about the creatures in his laboratory.

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