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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fast Day 298 February 17 2013 Lord Cancer and Baron Samedi

Lord Cancer and Baron Samedi

Death - take us to the bone !
Death, head cop in Jar City;
formaldehyde jars -
city of copper,
city of bronze,
metropolis of urns.

Gun -  take us to the blood !
Gun, principal of Slab School;
midnight prom morgue -
school of marble,
school of steel,
stainless of the scalpels.

O, King Cemetery !
columbary smiles and
dance a sarabande
of Baron Samedi,
of Madame Brigitte.

Dantó  - open my eyes !
Elizi, let me danzón !
and hear jazz euphonium !
I read the drum beat signs
that conspire to sap
Lord Cancer’s arpeggio !

peinture par Gerard Fortune

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