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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fast Day 233 November 20 2011 {The Heidelberg Dolls}

The Heidelberg Dolls

I did not believe what I could see:
they stole the girls from therapy;
like organs smuggled from the poor,
sold today in some rich town;
they sit now in endless cinema,
watching future and the past…
chemo dolls
chemo dolls

The footprints left in memory
and recreated by Tyree,
leads through city and the forest,
their waves break upon the shore
of enigmatic and iconic
lost islands of Laz-y-Boy …
shadow feet
shadow feet

The vacuum cleaner armies stand
forever to unheard command
cleaning rooms through thwarted doors,
to answer flow’ring telephones;
Hastings Street pianos brood
as empty as cold fireplaces…
in the trees

A ruin is profound regret
while found-art is our future bet:
gravity defying hobby
reaches out for the all the stars
beyond half-buried pink limos
of Chemo Ken and Barbie:
take shelter
take shelter

The Heidelberg Project is a Street scale art project in Detroit, founded by Tyree Guyton. The photos is from the project. The art uses found objects… everything from a found Street down to the smallest objects.

chemo dolls – the abandoned dolls used in the work... the "chemo" refers to chemotherapy and I think the rest is obvious and somewhat painful.
vacuums – there is a empty lot with arrays of old vacuum cleaners
Laz-y-Boy - an adjustable chair in the midst of a path of shoes
thirty-threes - 33 1/3 records used in the art

I think everything becomes clear if one looks at photos of the project.

I like this poem, it is not the way I want it yet, and I feel it will take a long time.
I think I shall extend the rhyme and use the pattern of the last stanza:


Ruth said...

I admire this project. It seems that this is the type of look at Detroit that is needed most. Gone from Hitsville hayday to 33s in the trees.

I like the poem too. I'm reminded of Chimes the second Christmas story Dickens wrote after A Christmas Carol.

Montag said...

I like Detroit.
When you reach rock bottom, you begin to rebuild your life.

I think Detroit has the potential to create completely new things... because the old ways of living are dead here, even though they continue in other parts of the country.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I love the Heidelberg project -- so interesting. :-D

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

the poem does have a chimes-like quality and is disturbing in a good way that appropriately matches Heidelberg.

Montag said...
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Montag said...

Yes, there are disturbing things along with the beauty.