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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fast Day 213 July 2 2011 {My New Pickup Truck}

My New Pickup Truck

My brother has a pickup truck,
and I will have one, too;
I will take my reel lawnmower
with a wooden handle
to the casa of my girl friend
to  cut her long, long grass;
afterwards we will both relax
and drink some black coffee;
she may smoke a  long charuto
that girl is very much wi-fi.

I will take my new picape
and go to my parents’
to fix the roof of Friday’s storm
when fell their neighbor’s tree:
to tie the wood up in bundles
and set it out for trash;
maybe they could visit downtown
and I could drive them there;
then I will drink only iced tea
and radio my filial love.

My dog goes in the new pickup
sitting in the truck bed
with the Dee Zee silver tool chest
right next to the lawnmower;
I shall drive to my best friend’s house
to go fishing today:
there’s Corona in the cooler
and my feet in the sun:
and I may smoke a cigarro
that I have rolled myself.


Late posting since I was at my parents' where there is no internet, etc.
Written for a birthday in July.

casa:  house
picape:  pickup
charuto:  cigar
cigarro:  cigarette
Dee Zee:  brand of tool box

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