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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fast Day 190 January 22 2011 {Planet Seeds}

Planet Seeds

I packed alphabet and seeds in my carry-on bag.
I think it will get past security; living letters,
breathing smooth scaled animal:
made up of 26 thoraces, gossiping
panting tough little bugs
I am taking with me, escaping
to an M-class exo-polanet.
I look up at the moon and it
beckons like a kid taking cuts
in the NASA waiting line.

I shall free them upon the slopes of Olympus Mons
then scatter wide the living seeds
I brought with me from earth:
germination and pollination
no longer blind like Gaza camels
colliding at one water hole.
Like pirates, we'll lust for Quito gold...
and set sail to Jupiter's maelstrom-
Living a life of rumor on islands
adrift in methane atmosphere!

I am disappointed that this ended. I shall go back to it frequently now. The idea is terra-forming new "worlds" within our lives.

Olympus Mons  is "Mount Olympus" and the largest volcano on Mars, or in the solar system as far as we know.
Jupiter's maelstrom is The Great Red Spot.

Escape, Rebirth, Joy of Childhood Revisited.......


Ruth said...

I wholeheartedly support creating our own new worlds. Exploring this myself.

I realized the other day, after much ego-angst obsession about some stupid thing, that it was far easier for me to create a negative unreality about what I did not know than to create a positive one. I think there may be endless ways we can create our own realities -- hopefully positive ones -- that don't hurt anyone else or ourselves.

Ruth said...

Did you get my comment on this one? Hmm . . .

Montag said...

Sorry. I usually post and fly when it comes to the poem; I labor over it up to the last minute and slip in under the editor's door.... as it were.

Negative realities are easier. Now I do not know whether that is true because of human nature, or because we have become so used to the negative take on things: dismal futures, fantasies of nuclear war, etc.
I suppose a mixture of both.

I think one of the functions of a good education is to provide a great vault of good stories and scripts for the individual to have ready at hand when crunch time comes. And come it will, that we know.
And every person is an individual and, thus, not all stories work for everyone. Even religious stories cannot be used as if they were cranked of an assembly line - one dogma for all! We have to be creative.

Ruth said...

Agreed. It really is teaching our children how to not only think, but how to synthesize information and knowledge into an understanding of how they will "create" their own world. Fascinating stuff.

No worries about the comment. I just didn't remember what I'd said and didn't want to try to recreate it. ;)

Montag said...

Ha! I know the feeling of having forgotten what one said. Very eerie at times.