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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fast Day 171 September 4 2010 (The Waters of Shiloh}

The Waters of Shiloh

Lord, we shall go now, O Lord, we shall go!
to be baptized in the pool of Shiloh!
Mother and father, we gather to them
in our new home in Jerusalem;
where crops do not wither and banks do not fail!
and no one to weep at the sheriff's sale!

Lord, we shall go now, O Lord, we shall go!
to wash our eyes in the pool of Shiloh!
Father worked daily for Mom, house, and me,
and in his age he no longer can see.
His eyes be revived to see your sacred face,
when he arrives at your holy place!

Lord, we shall go now, O Lord, we shall go!
to rest our limbs in the pool of Shiloh!
Her arms which held me, her hands dry my tears,
her enfolding strength to drive away fears!
Now let Mother rest here from all of her chores,
and Your sweet grace her vigor restore!



mostly writ on the road to D.C.
like Fanny Crosby....
I have been reading a good deal about John Brown and his times, and I begin to take on the characteristics of the age and time of my focus. I should have been an actor.

stanza three
I used three different constructs of the verb to indicate sort of an eternal sense:  "held" - past, "dry" - present, and "to drive" - infinitive. I don't know if this seems ok and works; just tried it out.



Ruth said...

Yes, I can hear a Fanny Crosby hymn suggested here.

Did you leave out a "no" in that third stanza? and in his age he -no- longer can see.? Pardon me if I am misreading, and for butting in.

The cadence and rhymes work beautifully. I do like it when you write with hope in your pen.

Montag said...

Yes. Thank you! I am so dyslexic. You have no idea what difficulty I have reading. My eyes run all over the place... always have.
Thanks again.

I always have hope... hope in something good, getting better. If I seem despondent, it is because I can see the light burning, but it seems so far away.