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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fast Day 170 August 31 2010


Mary, Miriam, holy Mother...
autumn tanager!
pray for us
passenger of time,
pray for us
owl of foresight,
goldfinch teenager,
child-sung blue of robin,
habitat and grassland -
prairie falcon eyes,
niche on high places!
bluegrass and winterfat,
squirrelgrass, wheatgrass,

tumbleweed and sage!

Lady sachem paint the world
with the autumnal palette!
I want some cloth of this color!
Hey! A cloth to give my sweet one!
She will make a coat of it!

early this week... early is good.

To be a precise Litany, each line, such as "owl of foresight" should be followed by a "pray for us", but I'm not sure if that's too unwieldly... so I merely put in the first few.


Ruth said...

I love the image you chose for this poem.

I do like me a litany. And this is a fine one, with smiles induced. Favorite word: winterfat.

But I might change my mind.

Montag said...

Winterfat is pretty nice. There are so many wonderful words hidden away from mainstream writing!

Montag said...

Yikes! I was not aware of the similarity of tanager and teenager. Not so sure I like it.

Ruth said...

Teenager did not come to mind when I read tanager. I thought of the beautiful bird only. For what it's worth.

Montag said...

It helps. I changed it a little: three ages - old owl, teen goldfinch, child robin.

bright crimson orange flaming smokey pumpkins lighting the autumn.