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Friday, May 28, 2010

Fast Day 156 May 28 2010 {A Wedding}

A Wedding

Enter Prince of Denmark with a flourish,
the procession of the splendid bride,
filling the monkish nave of gothic church
with fairest daughters of our countryside.

The groom comes forth fashioned without flaw,
reason and love tempered in him met;
necklace of steel and beads of awe:
he holds the jewels of ivory and jet.

God rejoins what He had put asunder
while Adam slept in sweetly scented spring;
agate rings of bone draw back together,
crimson-jacket birds of Solomon do sing.

Peony eruption ! Oh, those happy leaves !
The Love that giveth best also best Love receives !


Prince of Denmark   - a march
jet     -   a black jewel
peony   -   the theme flower of the wedding

form: shakesperian sonnet ( sort of )


Ruth said...

Oh, and congratulations, sir, on the 3 year mark. That is momentous, stupendous, magnificent. I salute you with all my heart.

Ruth said...

Oh, beauty!

A lovely brushstroke, my friend. I think it's one week away?

Peonies are ebullient, romantic. How nice to have a sonnet for the event too.

Will you be reading it?

Montag said...

Thanks you. Yes, one week. What madness ! I think I shall be reading it. I have some work to do on the second set of 4 lines, but I think I have it under control.

And thanks for the congrats on 3 years. If anyone had asked 3 years ago if I thought I would have the invention to continue for 3 years, I would have said, No. The wars will be over and peace will reign well before 3 whole years.

May have another 3 - or more - to go.

Ruth said...

Hope you do read it, and hope you do have another 3 years, at least.

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

This is absolutely lovely.

Montag said...

Thanks Ruth and Claire.

After the wedding, I shall write more and it will make the sonnet even clearer: such expressions as "ivory and jet" for example aren't immediately clear unless one knows more about the upcoming shindig.