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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fast Day 154 May 14 2010: Mothers' Day {Penelope Plane a Wedding}

Penelope Plans A Wedding

She steers the ship within her mind -
its neck taut like a goose flying -
around ev'ry shoal and brake
until it arrives home safely.

Like Penelope, she sits weaving,
planning a wedding in her dreams:
responses come flying back
like the feet of madmen !

Who will sing the honeyed hymn ?
There are countless birds on wing.
Who will lead us in the dance ?
There are flying fish upon the sea.

a bit early, as my daughter's wedding approaches, and I'm trying to get ahead through the second week of June.

The painting portrays a cottage and lilacs, but I think of it as Rose COttage from "The Jewel in the Crown" or "The Raj Quartet".

This is a paean to all mothers who have raised children...



Ruth said...

That's a terrific final line.

And, obrigada for the honor to mothers.

Montag said...

Muito obrigado !