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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fast Day 151 April 23, 2010 {The Swimmer and the Ifrit}

An Ifrit

The Swimmer and the Ifrit
bitter parking lot sun,
waves of heated orb bitumen;
air over a busy toaster
with 4 slices burning...

I found Aladdin's lamp;
picked it up and ran away -
going from swimming pool to pool:
velcro'd blue behind each house.

endless summers quest
of perfect alcoholic fantasy!

relax rich large and pool,
languid like catastrophe careless
of pleasures, ceaseless texting
on childrens' little iPhones.

parking lot broke jewelry;
of asphalt archipelagos
strung Suleiman's seal
across Xibalba's boobs.

perfect magic lantern lotto
to help forget forgiveness.

Ifrit  - a malevolent being of fire and smoke, imprisoned in the lamp
          by the seal of Solomon (Suleiman).

sometimes I try to string concepts together, as if they were Chinese characters,
and I were an ancient Chinese poet.


Ruth said...

. . .languid like catastrophe careless . . .

. . . forget forgiveness.

Wish you and I could wish on Aladdin's lamp and fix it.

Montag said...

Ah, but the Ifrit is sealed within the lamp, and when we loose him, he threatens us with least that's how the story goes in "The Fisherman and the Genie".

Ruth said...


Montag said...


of course, everyone's story is not necessarily the same.