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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fast Day 147 March 27 2010 {Easter Week 1}

Easter Week 1

I'm going to Gethsemane 'cause I'm so sad today;
gonna catch the morning train and go far away;
it wracks my ribs and break my bones,
and still I can not die;
Say, will you not pray with Him,
jus' three hours now,
or in the sweet bye and bye?

All the world's a tinderbox, and my soul is dry;
it will burn from cigarettes 'r lightning from the sky;
will burn my feet and char my hands,
and that will be my doom;
Friend, come and pray with me,
a little while now,
'fore they lay me in that tomb.

I was drunk, and so I lay down across the bed;
all the beer I had chugged had gone right to my head;
and I will wake up with a jolt,
when He asks me why?
I go to pray with Him
just three hours now
and in the sweet bye and bye.

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