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Friday, January 22, 2010

Fast Day 138 January 22 2010 {The Opium of Afghanistan}

The Opium of Afghanistan

The opium of Afghanistan
is always on my mind;
sixty patients who conceal
man's intolerance to man
who will die, and who will deal.

A strategy of hegemon
planned within the Pentagram's
cubicular endless row,
sends a gift wrapped carton
bomb where we disguise our blow.

A poster of the ocean sunset,
a poster of new born pups;
missing pieces jigsaw puzzles
newspapers with coffee wet
on tables 'neath our muzzles.

Our karaoke souls sing:
O, floating to Madagascar
on a raft of vegetation;
lithium changes everything,
in the hospital of my nation.

I believe in a higher power..!
To see my god I wish!
TV! Cable snaps to view!
One thousand channels from but a Dish!

( the cable screams...!
like the cirucmcised sons of Heth.)
circumcision...magic edit...
morphman video magic edit
crack download
true launch drivecrypt
zetamail and nitroboot
max crax
transcender device
visual chairman
and the red book of
mr. skins.
the cities of the plain in Midian...
and Narcisse in Cairo's cemeteries
where white skinned children play...
with roadware techno bombs,
bullshit crack,
according to our plan
the power of the pentagram...
and the hard drive is a leather
disk-like codpiece storage unit...
...I have run out of precious words!
...chain-smoked them all! scattered at our feet...
like leaves to fill and papers to roll
and my mind a bic lighter to ignite...
the robot drones of fate draw nigh!


meditation on the untold story of where Afghanistan's opium is going, mental hospitals, and TV.

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