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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fast Day 136 January 6 2009 {LemonAid}


I saw a lemon in a store;
the saffron sadness of a lemon!
to be the end of crabbed metaphor
about eternal optimism:

when I'm given lemons, why...
I make lemonade!
same drink children sell a summer's
day for a mere 5 cents plain a glass!

first, pluck from eden citrus tree
second, close-pack to transport,
from maternal Murcia that bore thee
to a grocery's endless cabinets.

then to form a pyramid
of cheerleaders who yell - Oh,
gimme an L! gimme an E!
and sell for a cool 99 a pound!

within a glad bag of point-9 mil
are buried those old lemon skins!
sever, cut, and grind yet still
we plunder them for zest!


inspired by a grocer's vast pyramids of fruit, wonderful and cheery...yet I knew what would happen once we got them home.


Ruth said...

Poor maligned lemon. I never think of them as sad. They may be sour, but their visage is supremely happy.

Montag said...

They can't imagine what we have planned for them.