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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fast Day 131 December 4 2009 {The Winter Always Rings Twice}

The Winter Always Rings Twice

Winter comes, and darkness
rings my doorbell twice;
headlight rhinestones smash
on my windshield...
lava of rain,
magma of ice;
when the heater hasn't heated up,
we drive-by people coloured grey,
dracula wanna-bees drinking
with sharp fingernails
their condensation
of ruinous decay.

Barking dogs keep me awake at all times
of the night, while we sit alone and
view internets that taste like the
absinthe distilled in pockets
of our private parts.
Barking dogs' foul rhymes...

Shooting guns keep me ticked off!
at the split of early morning
while we drink the coffee'd sleep
of insomnia and shattered glass
mixed like sugar
in the cappucino -
nexus of kalashnikov!
pic: catherine jeffrey


Catherine Jeffrey said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and visiting the corner of H1N1 and Bay. I perused both of your blogs and enjoyed many of the thought provoking readings. I especially liked this poem that you have paired quite nicely with my painting. Would it be ok if I printed your poem (one copy) so that I can display the two together?
Actually, Spencer gorge is the most beautiful thing in Dundas!
Good luck with the fast and we'll hope for the best.

Montag said...

I'd be honoured to have you do so.
(It's not an upbeat poem, but one takes what one can get for the weekly deadline.)

And, by the way, it's "The" H1N1, as in "The" 401 or "The" Danforth.
I was so taken with the name The Danforth for the continuation of Bloor St. east of "The" Don Valley, that I started using the definite article in most of my references to Toronto's Streets:
The Dawes, for example, runs off The Vicky (Victoria) Park just north of The Danforth...and nearby is The Coleman, where my sister-in-law lives...and she is actually on Google Earth on the street view of The Coleman just a few doors down from The Dawes.

Spencer Gorge is awesome, especially remembered from 40 years ago, when you had stood at its foot with someone you loved, and had gotten drenched, and walked through the nearby meadows to dry off.

Montag said...

Would you mind if I used you in the series "Painters' Flat Tires"?
( see post Dec. 12 2009 and October 16 2009 et alii...)

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Yes you may use "me" in Painters' Flat Tires.
Thanks for my morning chuckle about "THE" streets in TO.
I liked your story about Spencer gorge. I think many of us have similar stories from this area..some we can share...some not.

Montag said...

Thanks for my evening chuckle about Spencer Gorge.

My memory of it is...acute.