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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fast Day 102 May 17 2009 {The Final Video}

The Final Video

when Aunt Serena passed away
she had a video eye sunk
within her memorial stone,
which played the flash video she
had made years before, to everyone
who visited her grave, like an
ancient mariner's tale:
hello, there! I am in Beulah
and free from all my worldly pain!

it went on and on to all who cared.
And after that I came to visit
and when I darked her grave, she said
hello, nephew! and I ran like sixty
'cause i knew there was no" nephew" in
that flash memory video em-
bedded in that memorial stone!
I sat a long time at the river
to see if it were truly cool
beneath the willow trees, but
I crept back to Serena's grave and
she welcomed me again!
she said the dead are come again
to help their kids in times of stress, there
is no cutting of the line of life, the
lines of nurture...and here they are!
all your ancestors standing by,
gathered by the river here,
whose name is "runner", and who
goes to the "great-water" nearby;
the first stand of poplars to our south
is the "wide-eyes-gang", and they are
"height", "crest", "great-lament", and "bends-in-wind".
Wow, I thought, does God almighty
have a name for everything, for every
blade of grass: stick, shoot, sharp, tib, and scrim!
You'd have to be nuts to remember them all!
And, she said, to the north, how truly grand
the pines; the first is "clotho" ,
"the spinner" of fate, who spins
the thread of mankind's days; and who gave
birth in time to the middle pine,
"lachesis", or "the tailor", who measures
the length of of every thread; then
the third tree "atropos" who cuts the thread,
"atropos": "who-will-not-turn-aside"
in any wind or urging.
She said all named beings would
spring to our defense.
But what could go wrong, my friend? thought I
Cousin Joey was getting prepared
to visit Phantom Fury in Falluja, but
that was like shooting fish
in a barrel of water, wasn't it?
Was it not 2004? What predatory drone
was there that sought us out, rich as we were
and immense as is our proud tradition?
What had been spun,
what had been measured,
and what will be cut? what suits of many-colors?

Beulah land = heaven

In ancient Greek mythology, the Fates were Clotho, who spun the thread of life, Lachesis who measured it, and Atropos who cut it.

Phantom Fury was the second and final battle of Falluja.
After all the talk of Falluja, you probably have never yet heard that it was anciently Pumbedita, which was the site of great Jewish learning and where the Babylonian Talmud was formed.
"The days grow hot, oh, Babylon! 'Tis cool beneath thy willow trees!"


Ruth said...

It will take me a few more readings to take this one in, bringing together the Falluja "stanza" with her Beulah observations.

Maybe about bringing together heaven and hell - here on earth anyway.

That's where this took me.

Montag said...

It takes place just before the big fight in Falluja, the operation called Phantom Fury.

And that is where Joey was killed.

But in 2004, I had no idea why we would need the help of the unseen world - Joey was alive and everything was good.
(I should have mentioned his death, come to think of it.)

I did not think heaven and hell. But, now that you mention it - hell made by man on earth - I see it.

I just meant sometimes the sky is filled with voices...and names...and I tried to demonstrate it...and to convey the feeling that we should not lose hope, for all lives, past and future, are hoping we pull through.

Montag said...

I think there are such things as tombstones with videos. If not, there soon will be.

Ruth said...

And Joey must be a dear loved one.

Montag said...

Very dear to me.

Amos Tutuolla has a short novel called "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts".

I think of it and Joey quite a bit.