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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fast Day 76 November 14 2008 {Danta Anansazi Files a Grievance}

Dante Anansazi Files A Grievance

We awoke, and I grunted
up in th'arthritic pain,
while he stretched
one leg, then two,
soon the third and fourth,
like twins, followed by the comely five
then six. Seven held back until leg eight
wandered hung over
along a silkiness redolent of
a sensuality long departed from
old Dante Anansazi,
spider of the winter,
esconced in the terra cotta
planter in the humid room
of baths, dreaming of Caracalla
and Diocletian.
Time's flies, he said, a cuisine swear,
time's flies...where are they?
I would break my fast,
he leered at the frightened mites
and swaggered towards
the fainting chiggers.
"We are having pancakes,", I said.
He growled and muttered
ancient arachno-swears,
as if a spider hex still lived
to vex the two-legged breed.
Grasping the paper, he fumbled with
a feigned uncoordination of the eight
with his cup of java,
spilling it profuse,
a caffeine shower which
I had to clean up.
He does it apurpose
when he is out of moods.
I'm gonna file a grievance, he said.
A big, long grievance,
and I'm gonna ask for back pay and benefits.
"tha's nice," I said, eating my
buckwheat stack sweet of
Quebec's maple harvest...
He looked at me disgust:
a big, burning laser eye of disgust.
Like I care, I thinks alone.
I sez, "What's buzzin', cuzzin?
Which bee is in yer abdomenal
bonnet...spinnet, I mean,
He growls like a wolf,
ya see? tough guy spider...
I wuz supposed to destroy tha Whirled!
Youse guys went and did it!
Deprive me of my work!
He raved on...
But, you know, he is just
like the rest of us...
I mean, he gets lost in a
story forest, or adrift
on the Symbol Sea - a body
of brine just east of
the Los Angeles - and he is
just a little arach,
and wants to be the big cheese
of the spiderhood!
I only put up with tha little
beggar 'cause he holds the
candle fer me when
I write my poems...
my "lasciate ogni..."
that are my stock in trade
adhab thaqaafee
runs thru my dome
"learned Lit. 101"
He's only a winter spider,
cold and white,
bloodless and far from his terra
cotta nest of miniature
greenery in the tropical
humidity of
my faux marble bath!

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