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Friday, November 7, 2008

Fast Day 75 November 7 2008 {Shooting Film in Baghdad}

Shooting film in Baghdad...
cruising down the Tigris,
pretending to be an exile
in the Babylon of today.
Obama won the election - cool,
Nausicaa, sweet girl.
and Socrates the pimp...
So's I go to drink a cup
in the bar of foreign soldiers
and chat it up
with the blackness of a girl called
nuit noire,
pretty Layla Sawda'
and see a blond
sunrise on my Felluca on the Tigris:
o, delight of my eyes!
dancing obeisant in the court of the sun!
a skillful Lyre who deceives
with enchanting music
like a symbol of bewilderment!
**So, sweet Lesbia, no Tigris flow is this,
but the antique Nile odalisque that
flows beneath us to
our very urgent bidding.
And I am the turgid and fullness Wind
that swoops down in an arc
to kiss the full bosom
of your billowing sail!


Lirun said...

amazing photo

Montag said...

Thank you.
The poem is a bit rough. The photo saves it all.

Lirun said...