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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fast Day 25 November 22. 2007 {If This Be Life}

If this be life, oh, twist the DNA from its helix,
burst the flaccid walls of lipid cells,
set it free to wander to some other planet
where are men and women; love and worship
fight and die; young and beautiful.

If this be my cross, oh, vomit it like treacle
from an over-heated Sunday's room!
Let us go to the heart of darkness
and dispell the gloom by joyous pilgrimage
to the temple of our Love.

If this be our reward, oh, spurn me from heaven
like great Milton's ethereal antagonist!
Let me warm my body at the middens
of the heart where we lay in bed,
thrust under a quilt enthusiastic!

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