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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fast Day 24 November 15, 2007 {Dante Anansazi}

Dante Anansazi
note: Danta Anansazi is my pet winter spider

Dante Anansazi pries open multiple eyes
and takes 8 cups of joe;
I see him and jump, spilling mine,
so he laughs.
He lights up a cigarette
and exhales.
You ever see a spider smoke
a cigarette before?
Neither I, but there he is,
bad sign I think,
this Dante Anansazi, winter spider,
mostly white
mostly drained of blood and waiting
for the spring.
Halfway down to the filter he stops,
and sez
Is it rainin' out?
No, sez I
Been stuck here, fool, since you don' let me out...
he stretched 8 arms.
I want to see the whirled series I heard so much about.
how about it, sport?
how about the whirled series?
I am
speechless, sure.
If I am a good boy, ok?
If I don't destroy the whirled, you let me go
see the series?
OK, I said. You don't destroy the world,
you good boy,
then you and I shall go.
But me, I shall not go into a subway wit'
that Dante Anansazi,
No. We walk or take bus. Not below the ground
wit' Dante Anansazi.
Two go down an' one come back!
Two go down an' one come back;
I ain't wishin' to be no Virgil soon,
wit' dat Anansazi"s Dante!

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