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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Fast Day 9 August 4, 2007 {Homeless in the Market of War}

Fast one day a week until this War - an outrage to God and mankind- ends justly.

Homeless in the Market of War

This is an age when no man goes about in finery.// This is the age of our debasement.
When our hearts are noble, even the rags of the poor//shine like silken finery upon our backs.
Five years ago the powerful usurped their own //worst dreams and became ignoble beasts of prey.
Richard Cheney, William Krostol, Richard Perle and // Douglas Feithe, Michael Ignatieff and Strauss
sneered at us in our drab clothes and straggling band//saying how will you endure? there are so few of you!
And we answered, Lo, indeed you are fools! // for the number of noble men is truly small!
Not like your band of discord and war, motley garbed// in opinions outrageous and ravening.
The noble have a fortress mighty whose //strength gives increase to our small band of heroes.
It is a disgrace to lie. They ignobly spread lies like seeds.// Would we not rather die than live their fabrications?
We mill about in the midst of the market, looking//at the wares. To which seller of souls shall we entrust our lives?

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