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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fast Day 10 August 11, 2007 {The Geometry of Desire}

Until there is peace in Iraq...
I think I shall be writing rather a long time.

Please keep in mind that I do not have a surplus of poetry in a vault somewhere, so I have to do these poems on the fly each week. Hence their rather unfinished and junior high school character.

The Geometry of Desire

if I took weeds
and planted them in rows
interspersed by borders
of a lowly shrub
and placed large ribbons
of a prairie grass to blow
in secants of gold
you would say
oh, what a beautiful garden!

if I took men
and women homeless
and gave them food
and shelt’ring walls
three meals a day
and a key to
a mahogany library
you would say
oh, what wisdom there is!

if I took the drawings
of children from war zones
and littered them with
the mothers’ tears
and matted them in frames
of the understanding,
and hung them in
a gallery of knowing silence,
you would say
god, what have we done!

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