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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Day 404 May 7 2017 Resurrection Easter

 John Updike, Writer, Poet

"Let us not mock God with metaphor" Updike says,
let us leave Him alone; might Elijah save Him;
yet us he cannot save from the Last and Biggest Sleep?
Twitter philosophies.

The temple's veil torn from top to bottom, in twain,
the earth quaked, the rocks were split, and graves were opened;
and the bodies of many saints asleep were raised;
Matthew Twenty-seven.

And before this Lazarus was raised from the dead,
perhaps he waited Easter with the many saints
raised on Friday, waiting Sunday, waiting, waiting;
Easter's entanglement!

Our life is not despair like a prayer's chance in hell:
Resurrection waits not upon the cantor,
nor the M.C. to tell it what to say, but runs
ahead, fireman and bell!


Matthew 27 records the resurrection of many saints 3 days before the Resurrection of Jesus. I have spoken to many religious who are not familiar with the passage. It reminds me of the beginning of the series Les Revenants, wherein at the moment that the dead characters were revived, one of many butterflies in a lepidopterist's showcase flutters,

the glass of the case explodes outwards, and the sole butterfly flies away!

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(better a bit late than a little never....)

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