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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fast Day 328 September 21 2013 Noontime Demon In Detroit

Noontime Demon In Detroit

As if I did not know,
as if I did not know;
the swarm of birds and the bad thing:
the boy and scorpio.

I did not stop to talk,
I did not stop to chat;
the Motor City Casino,
shiny dime girl and brat.

Great grandpa’s a doctor,
great gramma, she could sing;
he treated all the young ladies
for strychnine poisoning.

Big C gives you coughing,
Hep C gives you pain;
the bad things that come in the air
are tumors on the brain.

I do not drink no booze,
I do not smoke no sticks;
I am a Saint Leviathan
who beat upon the bricks.

As if you do not feel,
as if you do not see;
I will mechanically "combine"
you for the spider’s fee.

I dwell beneath the streets,
I dwell beneath the schools;
my graffiti sun is going down
as the summer cools.

Scorpion Street mem’ry,
I give you stone for bread;
and I shall give you sullen rock,
on which to lay your head.



martinealison said...

Des biens jolis mots... gros bisous

Montag said...

Les mots ou les bisous...

Je choisis tous les deux.