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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fast Day 322 August 11 2013 Back To Detroit

Heidelberg Street Art, Detroit

Back To Detroit

like virgins and doves
they tumble and turn,
dirigibles over the railroad tracks!

when mankind renews
begin life again,
built from the marvelous bones of our backs!

lessons from the weeds
at Ford Highland Park,
Studebaker sermons from sidewalk cracks!

we dwell in City Possibility,
between the future and the past,
and go to the end of the Greyhound line,
with Eden’s driver -  everlast!



"backs"  -   refers to     جْبُ الذَّنَب and this is the "'ajab adh dhanab", or the miraculous bone of the back ("luz" in Jewish lore and probably the hieroglyph for Osiris)from which the body is renewed on the Day of Resurrection.

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