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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fast Day 303 March 23 2013 {The Day Of The Comet}

Bird Swarm On Andromeda

The Day Of The Comet
Hasidim speak Yiddish,
The Amish speak the Dutch;
the educated speak in TED-tongue
but I feel  the arrival of
The  Days of the Comet
to disturb the meditations of the young.

Bondu girls and killah nights,
I try to speak the sacred kiss,
but have not mesmerized the words:
we are pilgrims of the universe,
leaving behind old Europe,
flying across Andromeda’s dance like birds.

Telephones to Neptune,
Skype calls from the Sun:
the illusions of omnipotence;
we still arise to milk the cows
by light of morning star,
awaiting melancholy in a private place.


Dutch  -   Deutsch, i.e., German 
Andromeda's dance -  the route the galaxy Andromeda takes through the sky

Inspired by a NASA spokesman's reply to a Congressman who asked what could the USA do if a comet - such as that which hit Russia recently - come straight at us. The answer was, "Pray."

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