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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fast Day 295 January 26 2013 All Across Africa

All Across Africa

Vacation on the inland sea
south of Kilima Njaro,
beads and wives of necklace flow
and no thought of tomorrow.

I wish I had a TED talk
to tell me what to feel;
else within a dream I ramble
aimlessly surreal.

Launch then evening news like terror,
while arrows and bullets flee;
like a banana republic
seeks white and black iv'ry.

Provocation and the attack
subterfuge and gallant men,
pass the powder and the ammo
to the missionary children.


some people feel themselves under siege, like missionaries of the 19th century in a hostile territory. Thank goodness we have people in various media forms to tell us what to think.

This needs a lot of work.......

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