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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fast Day 267 July 14 2012 {Be Still, My Heart}

A Saphiret Ring

Be Still, My Heart!

Oh, be still, my beating heart!
My love has gone away.
She said she's found another;
no longer can she stay!
I pawned my father's watch,
sold my mother's saphiret;
I gave her all my money...
be still, my beating heart!

May her memory disappear now,
and the odor of her hair!
my heart's endangered species,
a thousand miles of solitaire;
I suffered through my panic,
I endure the painful day,
I  walk the lonely nights;
Demon memory go away!

If we ever noonday meet,
if we stop to chat,
she's wears my old t-shirt now
and a yellow baseball cap;
I recall her clothes as lettuce leaves
tossed with my jeans on a chair,
in a salad of our passion,
mixed with gall and vinegar.

11/12/2012 changed stanza 3 ll 5-6:
I recall them them (sic) as lettuce leaves
mixed with my clothes on a chair

and l 3:
 she's wears her shirt and jeans now,


Catherine Jeffrey said...

Relationships come and go and we must embrace our solitude. What we think is real is sometimes only glass.
I took the time to read through some recent poems. Always inspiring and entertaining.
I think I forgot to ask. Where did you see a photo of me in a sailboat?

Montag said...

That's going to take some work getting the information on that all back together.

It may not have been you. I have never seen you in person, and it was captioned as Catherine Jeffrey or C.A.Jeffrey or Cathy Jeffrey...and we assumed it was you, given your penchant for painting sailboats. I'll have to go over it when I get back from Empire, Michigan.

Could have been Facebook, but my wife would not have looked you yourself up; the so-called "C.Jeffrey" must have turned up in the pages of someone we knew from the past...

..and off-hand there is a long-ago memory of people in a little town on the escarpment, or nearby the escarpment... Burlington comes to mind.

I shall look into it after vacation... although it was probably some other stunning boater...

It is good to hear from you.
I often go to your site and look at the painting of the movie theater.

I shall not visit the site until after my vacation. I remember there were some changes you were trying, and there would be too much to deal with right now.

It is terrifically good to hear from you, C.A. Jeffrey!